Oh, hello there!

Oh, hello there!

Samantha Medeiros

Welcome all, Samantha here. So nice of you to stop by.

Ah, what to say. I'm just a 20 something year old woman living in Boston writing reviews on her blog and whatnot. 

Since I can remember, I have always been intrigued by beauty industry. With all the products floating around on the inter web and in stores, the beauty isles can come off as intimidating and cumbersome. 

Fortunately for you, I'm a VIB Rouge member which means I really know my way around beauty products. So in an effort to educate beauty lovers everywhere (and to justify my Sephora addiction), I'll be documenting my encounters with a range of types and brands of products.

Also, I LOVE connecting with readers from the site. Feel free to connect via my Instagram or Twitter account to see what I'm up to!

Some Fun Facts about Moi:

  • I am currently living in Boston with my fiancé and dog (who are both amazing)
  • I am a CrossFitter; insert generic CrossFit comment here
  • I cannot resist chocolate, puppies, or anything coffee scented/ flavored
  • I am an accountant (by far, the most interesting fact yet)
  • I enjoy writing #veryshortstories on my Twitter account

 Anything else you'd like to know? Just ask! Thank you again for stopping by, this is going to be fun.

- XO, Sam

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